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  • £ 823.22 ex VAT
    CEL Robox 3D Dual Nozzle Single Material...

    P/N: RBX01-BK

    ROBOX HAS CEASED PRODUCTION OF THEIR CHEAPER SINGLE MATERIAL PRINTER SO GRAB YOURS NOW. You can then have the machine upgraded to the dual material version if required at a future date. Once remaining stock has been sold these are the models Robox will be pushing forwards with: Robox Dual - Click Here RoboxPRO - Click Here Click here to purchase...

    £ 823.22 ex VAT
  • £ 1,067.12 ex VAT
    CEL Robox 3D Dual Material & Single...

    P/N: RBX02-SK

    Our model includes Robox's 2nd edition extruders (RBX1-X2). Plus two interchangeable printheads - one allows for high-speed printing in one material (RBX01-S2 - updated QuickFill version) and the new dual material printhead (RBX01-DM) allowing you to print with two different materials at the same time! Need a huge build volume? The RoboxPRO is coming...

    £ 1,067.12 ex VAT
  • £ 3,399.00 ex VAT
    CEL RoboxPRO 3D Printer

    P/N: RBX10-SK

    The RoboxPRO has officially launched!Robox's first batch of RoboxPRO have all been allocated to customers. Robox expect these to be delivered by the end of March.Robox's next batch is due to leave their UK factory by the end of April for delivery to customers early May. We recommend backordering to avoid disappointment.To receive updates regarding the...

    £ 3,399.00 ex VAT
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items