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Brother ADS-1100W A4 Compact Sheetfed Scanner


This item is discontinued.

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This item is discontinued.

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Free GB Mainland Delivery Over £100+VAT!

The Brother ADS-1100W is a compact document scanner, designed to take up less space in the office, or on the go. The built-in Wi-Fi lets the entire office scan with ease.

Benefits of the ADS-1100W

This scanner can scan photos automatically to Android, iOS, and Windows phones using the iPrint&Scan app. It also features double-sided scanning, making it incredibly easy to deal with duplex documents!

This scanner will scan to whatever device you choose. It scans colour and duplex. You'll be hard pushed to get a true 1200dpi scanner that can match these specifications at a similar price.

The ADS-1100W scans both sides, saving you time!

Scanning takes a long time, especially when you need to scan duplex documents. But when you own the ADS-1100W and scan at 16ppm, you don't have that problem.

Why should you buy the ADS-1100W?

Great on-the-go
The ADS-1100W only weighs 1.5kg, so if the entire office needs to scan, you can easily move the scanner to where it's needed, instead of repeatedly walking to and fro.
The ADS-1100W supports a vast range of network protocols, so no matter what protocols or security your network uses, this scanner will work with it.
Colour and Duplex Scanning
The ADS-1100W will scan in colour and duplex. And at speeds up to 16ppm, you'll be hard pressed to find a similar scanner at the same price with such a high level of productivity.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy the Brother ADS-1100W today, and save time!