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Brother ADS-1600W A4 Compact Sheetfed Scanner


This item is discontinued.

Machine Functions: Scan Only

This item is discontinued.

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Free GB Mainland Delivery Over £100+VAT!

The Brother ADS-1600W is a compact scanner that gives you a flexible way to scan. It's light, portable, and easy-to-use.

Benefits of the Brother ADS-1600W

The large amount of memory and touch-screen make this scanner one of the fastest colour and duplex scanners out there, at 18ppm!

With the ADS-1600W, anyone in the office can scan with ease from their smartphone, tablet, or USB stick, or computer.

Scanning has never been easier with the ADS-1600W's design!

You won't have to worry about scanning receipts or paper-jams, as this scanner is designed to work straight out of the box on many different forms of media.

Why should you buy the ADS-1600W?


The touch-screen controls make the ADS-1600W easy to use
Flexible scanning

Move the ADS-1600W around the office with ease, and scan anything from business cards to A4.
High scan quality

At true 1200dpi, the ADS-1600W sets the standard for portable scanner quality.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy the Brother ADS-1600W today!