XYZprinting Nobel 1.0A 3D SLA (StereoLithography Apparatus) Printer


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Create Your Own Masterworks at an Affordable Price

Nobel 1.0A is the second-generation stereolithography (SL) 3D printer developed by XYZprinting that uses a precise UV laser system to cure photopolymer resins in astounding quality. Its new and improved hardware and its compatibility with different resin materials makes the Nobel 1.0A one of the most versatible and affordable SLA printers on the market.

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We accept all major forms of payment including:
We accept all major forms of payment including:

Better Equipment, Better Precision

Nobel 1.0A SL Laser 3D printer has an enhanced Laser Scanning Unit (LSU) that improves the precision of the engine’s laser to 130 microns X/Y resolution and up to 25 micron layer thickness. The LSU results in higher accuracy for spectacular complex and intricate details.

Smart Integration - Easy and Hassle-Free Operations

Nobel 1.0A monitors the printing process and displays the remaining amount of resin at any time. The printer has an auto-filling resin system to ensure that users have the proper amount of resin before every print.

XYZware_Nobel software has improved slicing speeds by 20% and is able to automatically analyse the features of the model and add support structures where necessary.

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